Your heart is where your intuition lies


The heart’s electromagnetic field is unparalleled. It’s the first organ to appear when we come into physical form. It’s the first bodily organ that develops. It is often called “the seat of the soul”. We are called to action and required to first love God with our whole heart, from our whole soul, whole mind and whole strength. The heart is mentioned first, because when the heart fails to work the way it was designed to, every other part of the body malfunctions. Your heart is the centre of intuition. It is your connection to God’s mind. Out of your heart flows the wisdom to know what to do. It’s where you can decipher the duality of your journey and truly know what is best for you.

The heart, when it is centred on God, is not left alone in confusion or delusion. It is connected to the truth. When you must make decisions, run those decisions by your heart. Your heart will always give you the right answer and the right direction. To move from the mind into the space of the heart, you need to make a place in your life for quiet connection so you can hear the “Voice of the Heart”.  When we are connected to our heart, we become enlightened in our relationship with God. Our overflow of thoughts is freely expressed from our heart.

The heart is the keeper of secrets and precious treasures. The heart is the powerhouse, the centre of our being. It produces according to its occupant. If it is occupied by hate, it produces the fruit of hate; if the occupant is love, it produces the fruits of love. Everything you are and everything you do springs from your heart. Your behaviour, attitudes, words, and everything that colours your character flows from your inner person.

You need to protect your heart to keep it from becoming dry and empty, poisoned and polluted, or stagnant and bitter. Because if your heart is wrong, everything else in your life will show the effects. If your heart is full of garbage, that’s what will come out in your words and behaviour. So, above all else, guard your heart diligently, because out of it flow the springs of life. The heart is the fountain head of life itself. God dwells there.

I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened so that you may know the hope to which you were called.

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