Young People can affect positive change


I was recently invited to speak at the Global Youth Network Award Ceremony, Nigeria. My topic was “What is the role of the youth in affecting  positive change?

My Speech

Young people have the ideas, creativity, and energy they need to make a positive impact on the world. They are hopeful, innovative, imaginative, and able to provide solutions. They have great potential to bring about positive social change worldwide.

We talk a lot about young people when we talk about the future. We believe their impact will be felt primarily in the future. Personally, I consider them to be our past, our present, and our future. Their participation should be welcomed and encouraged when decisions that affect their lives are being made. If they are to be ready to make a natural transition into the future, we must prepare them and invest in them. We must be deliberate in how we develop and create a thriving environment for success. That means investing in skills development, entrepreneurship culture, effective policies, and economic incentives that will motivate them to do their best.

The law of harvesting and sowing is a spiritual principle. You only get out of something what you put into it. There are different seasons, and every season demands a different seed. Other developed nations understand this and have created growth-friendly economies and environments that allow young people to flourish. They’ve spent years planning and implementing strategies that have contributed to building their infrastructure, innovation, and economic growth. For our youth to evolve, demonstrate confidence, and possess the right skills and knowledge, we must invest in them intentionally. An entrepreneurial culture can only emerge if it is nurtured. The seed must grow, but all the components of growth must work effectively.

The makers of change are executors. It takes consciousness and self-awareness to realise that your presence here on earth is not for you alone. You’re here to make an impact, an impact on the lives of the people you encounter daily. You need to know your goal and surround yourself with good people who can help you achieve that goal. You must do this on purpose. One important point is to know who you are. You can’t expect somebody else to define you.

Socrates said: Know yourself. That is the beginning of wisdom.

Knowing who you are and why you were created helps you overcome life’s challenges. You know you’re a mountain as opposed to a grain of sand. When you possess this knowledge, you see your real power. You know you are powerful, and that fear cannot paralyze your efforts.

When people love their inner life, they open and grow. When there is a change within, your external world is affected as well. You tap into your power and use it for the greater good. Your perspective on life changes. You create solutions to the world’s problems. Whenever you get an invite into the room, a space of influence, you intentionally take part in the solution and intentionally make an impact.

Strengthen your emotional resilience muscle.

Resilience and mindset have a strong connection. Taking steps to look after your wellbeing can help you deal with pressure and reduce the impact that stress has on your life. Don’t be rigid in your response to challenges. Fluidity in your response to life’s setbacks will be the building block that allows to you step up and bounce back. Your capacity to adapt in the face of challenging circumstances while maintaining your mental wellbeing is essential in your journey as a changemaker.



What part will you play in that future?

You decide. You can be the villain or the hero. You’re the author of your story and the master of your fate. You choose the way you participate in the planned process. No matter which choice you make, own it, and don’t make excuses if you don’t do follow through properly. Be humble enough to recognize when you need help and find the right mentor(s) to walk you through.

What are your core leadership values?

Leaders need to have a consistent work ethic. Everything you do reflects your values. What do you stand for?

Which problems are you here to solve? You’re not here to make the problem worse, but to solve it. Figure out a way to solve the problem. It’s a simple process, but most people enjoy going back and forth until they stay still and ask the right questions. The answer you get will depend on the question you ask, so ask the correct question. Call upon the divine Creator God to guide you.

You’re part of a large puzzle. In the end, the whole puzzle will fit together, but your pieces must be connected to the right pieces. Identify the people and situations that most concern you.

Being a catalyst for change is a collective effort, not a one-person show. Promote unity and unite as a community to light the fires of change. Keep your efforts consistent and serve with excellence. Know that greatness has already arisen in you. You don’t need to become great because you already are great.

The world needs you, and your society needs you.

Be the change. You are the light in the world. Let your light shine!


Anthonia Keji Moses

Self- discovery Coach

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