What are you afraid of? Veronica Safao Owusu



Veronica took a deep dive into surrendering, letting go, spirituality and knowing who you are.

If you want to watch the rest of my conversation with Veronica, you watch the replay @globalsororitas

Veronica is the founder of Vpower Coaching. She is a, Impact Course Creation Strategist, an Educator, Deep Dive Mindset Coach, and a Natural Afro Queen who loves dancing.

Over 5 years ago, when Veronica certified to become a Personal Growth Coach, she soon learnt that it was going to take much more than being certified to thrive and have an impact in the world.

She had to equip herself with the necessary tools, unearth her hidden treasures and use her past experiences as an Educator to really craft solutions that served powerfully and made a lasting difference in the world.

That is why today, she created The Impact Course Creation Academy for Fearless Warriors and has made it her mission to equip other lightworkers, coaches, consultants and passionate service-based business owners with the mindset, skills, and strategies to transfer their knowledge, wisdom, skills, experiences, talents, and gifts into a meaningful and successful online course that is driven by their story, fired by their passion, and loved by their raving clients.

If you would like to work with Veronica @vpowercoach, her contact link are below

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