At times, life can be very exhausting in diverse ways, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually.  In the midst of what seems to be a daily travail, a daily battle, be assured that you can always find solace when you are in the right relationship with God.  Your peace is also assured, because your peace is centred in him. My coming out of the storm felt like going through a spiritual orgy and having withdrawal symptoms.  Even though I was surrounded with people, I still felt alone, tired and in desperation. Every day I looked for means of escaping, and yet I felt conviction in my heart to stay in the storm and ride it out.  However, there was a lesson to be learnt.  I remember that no matter the situation you find yourself or if you fall into any temptation, there is a lesson God wants you to learn at that period probably to teach, reshape you or remould you.

Running away from the experience would deny you of experiencing the hidden wisdom wrapped in this season. The universe wanted to teach me something powerful about myself, something about my inner strength and even my resistance in the face of adversity. Looking outside of myself for strength and help proved really challenging.  But then my spiritual exhaustion again reconnected me back to the source, the ever living source and strengthened my connection with my Creator.  In that period, I learnt that life can sometimes be difficult because we depend on external forces to validate, recreate and provide us with the solution we need to overcome life’s challenges. To acquire personal peace and power, we have to go beyond ourselves, beyond our normal capability; we have to reach out to some things that appear greater than us.  When we reach for that which is greater than we are, our mind can then begin to comprehend that we ourselves have been given the power to be great.

Life can be overwhelming for us sometimes from the powerful to the weakest. In the smallest of things, the handprint of God is always present. We will not realize how powerful, how strong we are until we go through and pass through a difficult period in our journey. We are indeed unique and powerful beings who can attain anything we desire, as long as we put strong effort we can also transform into anything we desire. Some people tap into their inner strength and use it to oppress those that are not as strong as them, people that are vulnerable and weak; some on the other hand, tap into their inner power and strength and use it as a survival mechanism when they are at a breaking point. But those who tap into their inner power and strength to revive others and bring them back to life, are happier, healthier and leave the world a better place. Though it’s hard to decide and choose which path to take and follow.

 For me coming out of the storm really made me sober, thankful for everything, humbled and more determined to use my experience to teach others and show others that no condition is permanent.  I know that I have grown and maturing into the individual I need to be.  I can no longer channel my energy into trying to change me for others neither can I remove my crown of peace to find solution to things I cannot control.  What will be will be.  No more drama

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