The power of Positive disrupting in 2021


The pandemic has imposed a tougher daily routine on billions of people around the world. We wake up with a daily routine. For some of us, our house has become our world. We wake up, take a shower, get dressed, and go to work. All these things take place under one roof. (For some people more than others, obviously.) Humans are creatures of habit, and being conditioned to act or behave in a specific way can disconnect us from being our true and authentic self. The regular use of positive disruption can help you create an environment of opportunity, break down old ways of doing things, and engage your mind in completely new ways.

Below are four phases in using on powerful disruption as a vehicle for change.


Phase One: Determine which pattern to disrupt

Some people are more intuitive than others because they are spiritually connected to their inner guide and consistent in listening to themselves and recognizing their patterns. However, this alone cannot disrupt those patterns. They need to develop a practical strategic practice that puts them on a path of constant change, a world that allows them to manifest the life they desire rather than a life they feel trapped in. And that constant change is best emulated in a mind space of self-awareness. When you’re in that space, you’re more willing to disrupt what no longer serves you. So, in 2021, you can no longer function in a world of business as usual. You need to disrupt your unproductive patterns in response to what you intuitively know to be true. Disengage from all falsehood and show up as your authentic self.

A moment of realization is the beginning of the process.

Phase Two: Evolve

We are surrounded by crumbling systems and ways of being that do not honour life. We have the power to disrupt dysfunction and bring our current state of being to a higher level. Our disruptive inner force brings to the table a new way of looking at things. It creates a new thought revolution, an urgency to break patterns, a desire to learn new ways of doing things and produce exceptional outcomes. These new patterns emerge and will form our new habit. It will show up in our personal lives, relationships, work, and business. We will become much more aligned. Our consistency will help us reinforce the change and take the next step towards building a stronger internal framework that will help us face unforeseen challenges. It ensures that our strategy for the future is resilient enough to weather the storm.

Phase Three: Wakeup call

This is the “wake up” phase, an openness to the capabilities and the possibility of a new way of existing.

As the positive disruptive approach rapidly evolves, you begin to reap the benefits. The treadmill of evolving begins to feel somewhat incremental, and that you’re making relatively slow progress. Overall, you are maturing into the new you, and a sense of stability develops.

Phase Four: Reimagination of your present

You live more in the present and re-imagine the life you desire. This phase is important because the breakthroughs so clearly subsume everything that came before. Your actions are much more aligned to your emerging inner world order. You’re not longer stuck in your past, you appreciate the present, and are willing to embrace your future.


What patterns will you be disrupting in 2021?


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