The hunter becomes the hunted


This trope has roots as far back as Greek mythology. There, a literal hunter, Actaeon, was transformed into a deer by Artemis and eventually torn apart by his own dogs.

The hunting game can be one-sided. Usually the one pursuing the target has the upper hand. But sometimes the hunted gains resolve or the upper hand and turns the tables on his pursuer. The hunter becomes the hunted. The hunting game falls apart once the hunter is forced to recognize his victim is an actual threat. In the end, the villain is shot down and the hero puts an end to this twisted game. The advantage the hunted has in this moment is opportunity. The moment the hunted seizes the window of opportunity, the power dynamic changes. The powerful is now powerless.

The mantle of power can feel weighty without perfect alignment to God. His presence lightens the weight. Without wise counsel and good character – not perfection, but a willingness to grow and let the process of humility take its course – there will be serious consequences. Without a solid foundation rooted in God, the glorious garment once worn in glorious splendour now appears tattered and torn. The seams are no longer intact, and it loses its glow.

Let’s be clear: God’s power flows through you. Use your power to push God’s interest, not your self-interest. If caution is not applied, what you seek in your quest to maximize your self-interest can quickly become destructive.

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