We live in an age where when things go terribly wrong, it’s always someone else’s fault. The government is at fault, religious institutions aren’t doing enough, religious groups are at fault, educators aren’t doing their job, the healthcare services isn’t up to scratch. Our relentless efforts to find people to blame is a generational thing. From the beginning of time, the “not my fault” response has been the default answer. Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the serpent. This blaming culture has contributed to our complacent attitude and reluctance or refusal to take ownership over our actions and behaviour. 

When mature men and women start misbehaving and pointing fingers at each other instead of taking a soul inventory to establish what’s really going on, there is anarchy and chaos in the collective mind. 

Life unfolds from the inside to the outside. We look for the enemy outside ourselves, instead of confronting the enemy within. The enemy within is more destructive and perilous.  The flesh battles against the spirit daily, pulling us in many directions. To win the war, we need to discern the source by feeding our mind. Are we spiritually nourished, or severely malnourished? Are we feeding off love or hate? This is important to know, because whatever feeds our spirit will ultimately influence our actions.

The enemy within feeds off our ignorance, our persistent denial of our out-of-order behaviour and lack of respect for the spiritual principles handed down to guide and protect us. We are eager to activate our default response to every situation, and our apathy and lack of fulfilment fuels complacency. When we become defiant and pressed to excuse our bad behaviour, to running from anyone or anything that will hold us accountable, we sabotage our progress and growth. Our spiritual growth is not the responsibility of some external authority. We have to decide what our soul was commissioned to do and submit to it. There cannot be two masters – it’s you’re either ruled by your flesh, or guided by the Holy Spirit. The two cannot rule as equal partners. One has to surrender to the other. 

There is a war being waged inside each one of us. Victory depends on which side you yield to for guidance and direction. 

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