Keji has a gift that allows one to talk, share and feel safe. She has helped me in my journey and no matter what am going through her spoken and unspoken words has aided my healing.  – Ade, UK

I have known Keji for roughly 15 years on a personal and professional level. She has been an inspiration to me on so many levels. During my years of knowing Keji – I would say she has impeccable ability to listen without any judgement. She has been a source of encouragement to me. She has  amazing intuitive skills and gives clear perspective from different angles, this has helped me a lot. She is gifted with divine wisdom from God. I have often been in situations of despair, she supported and empowered me to think clearly, make sensible decisions and take the right action for me. Keji is a calm and discerning wise individual and she is not afraid to delve deep into situations and speak from an honest position.- Julie, UK