“Of Mankind we may say in general they are fickle, hypocritical and greedy for gain” – Niccolo Machiavelli

Good relationships require transparency to thrive. When two individuals detach from their ego and are each willing to see their vulnerability, there is no need to hide any more. They embrace maturity. Being our true self and not having to pretend is essential to building a lasting relationship.

We don’t need to wait for permission to be who we are. Our neediness for acceptance can hinder our purpose. We all want to be validated. Sometimes, even when we have been called by God to carry out an assignment and given the authority to speak the truth, we hold back and try to tame our message. We think we can appeal to a wider audience, when the message could just be for one individual. So appealing to a wider audience doesn’t serve the purpose.

Jesus gave us the perfect example of being real. His mission, and the purpose for which he came, was not compromised by the needs of his audience. He spoke the truth at all times, and the way in which he interacted with people was consistent. His responses reflected the truth that had to be spoken at a particular time. His tone and mannerisms might have differed at times, but the truth in his message never changed based on his environment. He came against opposition, but he spoke the truth even though some shouted, “Crucify him!” whilst others said, “No, don’t!”

We cannot deny the human aspect of our being. Trust me – it is hard to balance both. Our needs versus the greater good. I myself have abandoned the greater good and focused on my needs. I eventually came back to my senses.
Consistency is key. Human nature is fickle and unpredictable at times, and those who are clapping for you today may be the same people saying” get rid of her!” When you plant a seed in the ground and then water it, but don’t water it for another couple of weeks, then water it again, eventually you’ll begin to notice your lack of care.

Do you have the audacity to do what you were created to do? I purposely used the word AUDACITY, because that is the sentiment we get from doubters and haters, the people whose attitudes question our purpose. I can hear them loud and clear: “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?” They are unwilling to go through your pain, trials, and tribulations, but they feel uncomfortable the minute God begins to elevate you to the next level. If you listen to their cries, you might lose your focus and, if you’re not careful, you might start to doubt yourself. Have courage today and boldly shout back: “I AM A CHILD OF GOD!” Know that they can only blow hot air and think they are in CONTROL, but deep down they know GOD IS THE ONE IN CONTROL.

God doesn’t NEED you to accomplish things in this world. But He CHOSE you.

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