Spiritual apathy is not knowing you are lost. Even a glimpse of an spiritual oasis is not enticing enough to stay awake and repent. – Keji Moses
When you totally lose consciousness, spiral, and drift into the unknown, you rarely recognise the danger that’s lurking around the corner. The ego seizes an opportunity to become your companion, cleverly luring you away to a playfield of illusions. You trust its judgement and carelessly neglect all that you know to be true. This gets even deeper, because you start to second-guess who you are and even if you really need to spiritually grow.
Your thoughts entertain the looming idea of a world detached from spiritual existence and you succumb to playing the game that everyone else in this spiritual state is playing. You accept that you don’t need to be spiritually awakened in order to thrive. Rising to the task ahead becomes a chore, and your lazy mind offers up reasons why you should consider abandoning your spiritual practices and forfeit your relationship with GOD in favour of a life of comfort.
You become a passive participant and detach yourself from your connection to the spiritual realm. You become so deeply engrossed in yourself that even the thought of anything spiritual makes you physically ill. You are far gone, like the prodigal son leaving the father for greener pastures. “Let me go!” your soul cries, “I can survive on my own!” You are acquainted with companions who are glad to pull you deeper into this dark hole. The cry becomes that of “I am a victim, I am a wounded soldier!” Spiritual empathy threatens your existence and forces you into a dark place in your soul.
Coming out of this experience might take time – and if you are fortunate enough, you might come out of it sooner rather than later.
As long as you are blindfolded, trusting your ego to guide your next step, your reason rejects his way of thinking. You are lost but you don’t even know it. Feeling lethargic in your stride, even the glimpse of an oasis does not ignite the fire within.
But through it all, God is still a presence force and unchangeable in nature. When he draws near to you, your spiritual frequency might not pick up his signal at first, just hang in there. He will send people along the way to encourage, to uplift and show you much love.
Can you come out?
Yes, you can!! ONLY IF GOD CHOOSES TO BRING YOU OUT. This may not sound hopeful but it is the truth. Only God can drag your body closer to the oasis, the fountain of life. If he does and you can only take one sip of water, do it. One sip might not quench your thirst, but your body will experience the water running down your throat into your body. It will crave more and more, until the desolate place in your soul starts to welcome life again. You will then wake up from your slumber, from your deep sleep.



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