Soul Connection


The body we see in the mirror is not who we are, that is just our earth suit. Who we are is the soul inside the earth suit and it is that soul that live for forever. When we invest solely on the earth suit we risk forsaking that which is eternal. Our earth suit is temporary and is designed to last a short time. God breathed into man and man became a living soul. God is the only one who can take you out of the earth suit. After death, it is only the soul that God will be transferring on to an eternal dimension. It is only our soul’s response to him that he will be judged.

Our earth suit is created specifically for our benefit while we are living in this physical dimension. Our earth suit has many components, we have the physical, emotional and mental components. The brain plays a very important and complex function in running our earth suit. The truth is that our earth suit although strong at its best can also be fragile, so many things can go wrong at once or one at a time. Illness is a sign of a malfunction and that malfunction can happen in any of the compartments. These components work together so if there is a malfunction in one compartments, the others are affected. The brain is not the soul, although when it malfunctions it can appear that it is in control.

Relationship with God is a soul thing and as much as we are misinformed about which aspect is more important – Soul vs Body, the soul is what God draws close to him in relationship. The external problem or earth -suit malfunction cannot block our soul from our relationship with God.
When we have a lack of understanding about separating our earth suit from our relationship with God, we believe the lie that mental illness can distance a soul from God. In today’s society, when we slam the “crazy” sign on people we ostracize them into their own corner, in some cultures people are treated in such an inhuman way. Imagine what that individual is feeling, it’s hard enough trying to deal with hearing voices or experiencing frightening mood swings, in addition to this, having doubts about getting in a right place with God can send someone off the edge. The malfunction can be frightening and distressing but the earth suit cannot control the relationship with God.

In that malfunction state, I believe that people can still talk to God and God can talk back.
God is always with us and He is always taking care of us. He is always in absolute control of our earth suit. When our earth suit malfunctions, God is the One ultimately in control. God does not give our earth suit problems just to torment us, but to draw us closer to Him.


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