“You cannot judge someone else’s relationship with God, even if you think you know the individual.” – Keji Moses

Have you heard the saying “What he/she can do, I can do better… “? Well, exactly how true is this statement? We all have gifts and talents invested in us for specific purposes. These gifts and talents, combined with the individual’s DNA, make the total package unique and not easily photocopied. When you’re the original, every imitation is a counterfeit. So when I hear the saying, “What he/she can do, I can do better!”, I pause a little, chuckle, take a deep breath and exhale. I’ve learned that you cannot run someone else’s race; it is vital to stay in your own lane. The variable in all this is GOD. He has given each one of us the capability to carry out specific assignments and a measure of grace needed to endure the challenges that come with the assignment. When we leave our assignment because we feel it’s not grand enough and opt to pursue “a better plan”, we leave ourselves open to battles that may arise from that pursuit.

When you take your eye off your vision and split your attention among numerous places by seeking to incorporate someone else’s vision into yours, the result is DIVISION. This is where the headaches start. Sister or brother so and so just started something, and it looks successful! Hmmmm, I think I can do that too! So off you go, like a runaway train, without first asking GOD whether this is the path or direction you should be following. When you take your eye off the mark, your goal, your purpose is jeopardised and you delay the actualisation of your vision.

Lack of focus is detrimental and can halt our progression and growth. I believe it can potentially steer us away from our vision, and in some cases prevent us from experiencing our unique promise. It can suffocate our efforts and distract us from our assignment. If we’re not careful, we can easily be drawn into fruitless situations that waste time.

I have found myself in challenging situations that have cost me dearly. I thought a certain career path was suitable for me because so and so was making loads of money doing it. And the end of my pursuit – which in most cases was brought to a halt out of frustration – I often heard the Holy Spirit whisper, “Who sent you?” Yes, we have much to learn from each other, and we can use the lessons we learn from others to help us improve and do better. Iron sharpens iron. The caution is to remember to keep our eye on the goal and get a grip on our emotions. They should never be the driving force behind our decisions. When it comes to your vision, purpose and assignment, make decisions that are supported with the right information, seek spiritual guidance if needed, and – this is very important – pray for wisdom.

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