Are you ready?

No one should be content with a level of existence lower than that on which God has made it possible for us to live. We should strive to be the best we can be to reach the highest level. Reaching a greater height goes beyond luck and chance. It requires preparation, dedication, and commitment.

A set task or events that are carefully prepared and thought through have a better chance of success if nothing drastically goes wrong. Take preparation for running a marathon as an example: the experience can be difficult because of the strain and effect it can have on the body and the mind of the person running the marathon. What keeps the runner focused and motivated is the goal he or she has set to attain, which then determines the purpose of running and winning the marathon. To achieve the goal, the runner will have to be disciplined and focused to go through rigorous training.

Just like the marathon runner, you have to go through rigorous life training if you want to achieve and fulfil your purpose. Running a race is not about the physical—the soul (emotions) and mind must be unified in achieving that goal.  Every day is an opportunity to fulfil your purpose and the more you procrastinate, the less you achieve.

Living a purposeful life may require a total separation from familiar territory. Not everyone around you will push or influence you to fulfil your purpose and that is why it is very important to recognise the significance of your relationships and the role which they play in your journey.

Preparation is the key needed to unlock doors of opportunities to experience a purposeful existence.

Are you prepared?

The process of preparation includes a period of character development, equipping in life skills, positive direction and instruction needed to live a purposeful existence. Preparation and purpose go hand in hand and God himself demonstrates this over and over again. God prepared every leader in the Bible before they fulfilled a specific task; however some were in preparation longer than others. The preparation process clarifies the purpose. It also helps to develop important life skills which are needed to accomplish the tasks. The preparation processes builds character and shape you into the person you are destined to be. God’s desire is for you to excel and thrive in your purpose.

To discover your purpose in life you need to have clarity and understand the divine plan for you. A life that is void of purpose is a life that is just existing and not thriving. We all have a responsibility to fulfil our assignment on earth.

The principle of preparation and planning can be applied to your personal life and the benefits of applying it to your daily decisions and choices bring forth productivity and purposeful living.  Taking responsibility for your actions and seeking a path to a purposeful life is the beginning of this process.

The journey of living a purposeful life means different things to different people, however there are similarities in our desires. Our search for happiness, acceptance, love, success, spirituality, purpose, and wealth are all possible choices but achieving each one requires preparation. To thrive in your journey and experience purposeful living you must be patient, persistent, enthusiastic, consistent, wise, driven, and energised. This will make your journey fulfilling even when all the odds are stacked against you.

When you are prepared to start living a purposeful life and tired of the same over-rehearsed activity you engage in daily, you are bound to experience something different.  Whatever you are yearning for deep in your soul is an indication and sign that you are willing and ready to embark on this journey.

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