Positive Mental Attitude



Complete freedom from fear of other people results when you override your own self-consciousness & become fully aware of other people’s needs” – Norman Vincent Peale

I had an oasis moment once while lying down in bed one evening trying desperately to sleep.  In my mind I thought of the statement “the battle is in the mind.” In that moment I realised I wanted to master the skills needed to conquer negative thought patterns before they manifest into habits and actions.  I evaluated my own struggle with this and how I can overcome.  I had a fear of failure and this fear crippled my progress in so many ways.  In my journey of self-realization, I discovered that all my experiences are interwoven with divine wisdom and each experience is designed to empower me, not submerge my unconscious mind with fear.

I had a revelation about the process of suggestive thoughts.  First a thought is suggested into the subconscious mind.  If the thought clings to our fear, then our mind will automatically start rehearsing negative thoughts just like a rehearsal before the actual play.  The more we attend the rehearsal the more we perfect the negative thoughts which now move from the subconscious mind to the conscious.  You have to master your response and defence tactics to respond quickly to the suggestive thoughts.  If the battle is not won in the mind, then it progresses to the next stage which is a full blown war.  Your protection gear includes what you feed your eyes, what you listen to and words you speak out of your mind.  It is important to identify the areas in your life that you need to address and do it now before it erodes your soul.

The mind is the battleground, but our positive soldiers must outweigh the negative soldiers in numbers and ammunition to guarantee total victory. Sometimes we store up so much mental and emotional clutter locked up in our soul for so long and sometimes it’s when we are lending a helping hand to someone else that we ourselves are faced with our own clutter and realise that it is time to let go and clear up.

Positive Mental Attitude is changing your perception of something, and in changing your perception of that thing, your attitude, thought process and behaviour also changes. When I think of the word Positive the following phrases come to mind, “to be optimistic”, “to be hopeful” and “to be confident”.  For a person to change their perception there has to be a point when that individual chooses to change.  The idea of saying positive statements over and over again without making the choice to change one’s perception is a total waste of time.

We are all made of three elements – mind, body and soul.  Positive Mental Attitude is like changing your mind set, i.e., reprogramming your mind.  Your mind is where you store your experiences/ thoughts, etc.  When you change your perception in your mind by changing how you communicate to yourself, you can then affect your emotions and feelings.  This is the first step towards lasting change.  Our soul is affected by these changes.  Your emotions and feelings respond to this change.  When your soul is affected, then your action changes, as does your pattern of behaviour.  The way you move, the way you stand (posture) and even your language changes.  You will begin to communicate a positive message to the world around you.

Developing yourself with a positive mental attitude.

To develop yourself as an individual, you need to have and know the importance of a positive mental attitude and mind set, this will help you when pursuing your goals and dreams and also balancing your spiritual life with your goals.  Firstly, you have to stay and think positive always. Every action we carry out and everything we do begins after we think of it in our mind.  From the mind, our thoughts result in feelings and feelings give rise to the actions we display.  Therefore, once you tell yourself or believe you cannot achieve a goal, then eventually even if you try to do it, it will result in failure. If you believe in yourself that you can do it, you are already a step forward to achieving that goal. Always endeavour to keep your mind, your thoughts positive.  In the long run, thinking positively will bring good success to your way and also aid your spiritual growth.

Another way by which you can stay positive always is associating yourself with positive things, reading and listening to positive information as well as spending your time reading motivational books and motivational movies.  Fill your mind always with positive information.  Be careful with what you let into your mind because once you get hold of negative information, it deals with your subconscious mind.  Read inspirational books, search for positive articles on the Internet and positive inspirational videos.  These articles will not open up your mind; they will encourage, teach and inspire you on how you can create a positive mind set.  Surround yourself with positive people, run away from the negative ones.  This is a very important step to take for reaching a positive lifestyle.  Staying around negative people will rob and rid you of your energy and drive.  Learn and strive to get around with folks that are of the same mind with you, that are positive, those with similar goals as you and those that have the courage to achieve their goals.

Always plan your work ahead to create time for other relevant aspects of your life. Do not be so occupied with work that you do not have time for God.  Maximize your time efficiently. Plan your work and activities for the week ahead, with the knowledge that doing this will prevent procrastination from taking over. Keep in mind that procrastination will keep you from achieving your aims.  Remember that you always have to do the right thing at the right time.  One missed priority will not present itself again.  When you plan your activities for the week ahead, you will be able to focus on priorities and setting aside that very important time to spend with God.  This habit will keep you on track always and you will be able to achieve your goals in a short time.  Learn always to be grateful for all things you have and have accomplished. Find joy in all the great things you have already in your life, this will help you build a positive mind set.

It is important to understand that a person who is struggling financially and is always in debt due to their spending appetite must, at first, realise that achieving lasting change will not occur overnight just by chanting positive phrases like “I can control my spending appetite”.  That individual must first explore and understand their perception on money.  That individual may not equate a lot of value on money and may just view shopping as a mere exchange of cash/credit for goods.

If that individual changes his/her perception and starts to see that when they spend money and buy things they are actually exchanging their hard work, time and effort, then their perception on spending will change.  That individual’s new perception will determine their spending pattern and behaviour. If indeed they perceive spending transactions as an exchange of effort/time and handwork for goods, they will begin to think about their spending appetite and apply self-control.  This will, in turn, change their attitude and affect their behaviour.

Positive Mental Attitude is communicating the right thoughts to yourself despite what other people try to communicate to you.  One form of communication is the language used. Words such as “I can’t” “I won’t” “I couldn’t” will only produce action that reflects it, likewise using words such as “I can” “I will” “I should” will also produce actions that reflect it.

Negative Mental Attitude is like an Apple tree farmyard with juicy red apples that looks pleasing on the outside but when you attempt to bite one of the apples, you find that the apple is rotten on the inside.  The root of the tree at one point was infected and because the cause of the infection was not detected at an early stage, the infection has now spread all over and now affects the whole tree and its fruits. What good is that apple tree to anyone?

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