Patience keeps me from being too hard on myself.


I know the targets that I am aiming for and I know how to achieve them. But I also know that everything takes time. So, I patiently give myself the time I need.
When I am at a roadblock, it is sometimes frustrating, but I rise above the emotions. I take a moment to remind myself of how far I have come.

Any progress is a step in the right direction and I remind myself of that constantly. It makes a difference in how much kindness I show myself when progress is slow.I know that I have what it takes to see anything through to the end, so I am patient with myself as I make my way. If it takes me a little longer than I plan, I draw on my patience to let go of my hurry.

Developing and maintaining patience is a skill.

Amidst external pressures, it is sometimes difficult to deal with things happening slower than others expect. But I respond only to my own expectations.

I believe that my journey is unique and incomparable to anyone else’s. When I lay out my game plan, I hold myself accountable only to what I know I am able to handle.

Today, patience is a virtue that I continue to uphold. It shows that I have what it takes to handle both success and challenges.

I am proud of all that I accomplish in my own time and in my own way.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some situations that pose the greatest test to my patience?
  2. What other virtues do I develop as I go through challenging times?
  3. How do I celebrate the small wins in my life?

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