Old vs New


It’s simple to create fashionable outfits by following a few easy steps. You can easily trim off the sleeves of an old top and make it into a sleeveless one. If you search online, you’ll find all sorts of ways to re-purpose old clothes into practically new garments. This can save you money and allow you to create a fresh look that fits into the latest trends. Of course, nothing will change the age of the original garment, and its date of purchase can’t be altered. But are you getting a new outfit, or have you simply changed the design to suit the current vision of what you want to wear? Either way, it serves a function. 

When wine is new, it is still in a state of fermentation. It bubbles and expands as the fermentation gases are emitted. A new, pliable wine skin can absorb this expansion and slowly age with the wine until the fermentation process is complete.

Putting fresh wine into an old wine-skin, however, is asking for trouble. An old wine-skin will have assumed a definite shape and is no longer pliable. It is rigid and somewhat brittle. The natural process of new wine will stress it beyond its ability to yield. Both the wine and the skin will be lost.

An old garment cannot be blended with a new garment to create something that is truly new. The old wine-skin will have to be gotten rid of, and a new wine-skin put in place to hold the new wine. The newness can hold and sustain the new way of doing things and is thus able to fulfill the desired purpose. When the old and new collide, both experience forces that are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. The collision calls for a total change in direction and will need minds ready to surrender to the wisdom in the new strategy applied to bring around the change.

The old ways, the old mindset, cannot be repackaged as fresh. There are lessons to learn from old ways of doing things, but the new must align with the new guidance and vision given specifically to fulfill the purpose.

Ritualistic practices belong to the old paradigm, and a shift in paradigm will lead to a new way of being.  We cannot patch old garments with new patches. The new ones will not be as durable.

God is constantly doing a new thing in our lives. Let us pay close attention and flow with the newness of this spiritual dispensation. Don’t stay stuck in the past. We can move forward with supreme skill and graceful fluidity.


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