Old Soul – Wisdom an enlightening path.


From a very young age, my mother always called me Iya Agba, (an elder with an old soul). It didn’t make much sense to me at first. I thought a soul was ageless. As I thought about it more deeply, there were moments when I felt I had already been here in a past life or something like that. Some things are never explainable. An Old Soul is not just someone who feels a lot older than their age. When an individual relates to an eternal source, there is neither a beginning nor end. Being connected and aligned to the source, God, activates and awakens our consciousness, giving us access to a wellspring of knowledge and wisdom that runs far deeper than physical age. You “grow into” becoming an Old Soul through the process of spiritual awakening. We become trustworthy spiritual guardians who can provide illumination through our lived experiences. 

Living from this place of being sometimes makes you a peculiar kind of person who can feel alone, misunderstood, and isolated. You look inward, with a sense of not “belonging” to this world or this period. 

This solitary existence does not come from an anti-social preference or temperament, but self-preservation. Old in the heart, old in the spirit, and old in the soul, you find your vision of life very different and more mature than those around you do. Consequently, you live life inwardly, walking your own solitary path, while everyone else around you rushes to follow another.

Old Souls aspire to a sense of the true meaning, inner purpose, and fulfilment that money, power, and success cannot provide.

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