Are we really so checked out that we no longer notice red flags and painful warning signs when someone is in danger?

We don’t ignore physical pain caused by a fire, but yet society turns a blind eye when someone is violently assaulted. Why then treat evidence with such contempt, turning the victim into an object of ridicule.

Can we not see that when a person’s sacred sanctuary is denigrated and a violent act is committed, due process must be respected?

When a person’s human dignity is violated, they cannot be expected to continue to exist in a space of harmony, that is cruelty. The inner sanctum has been disrupted. This  disruption  forces the “victim” into a state of hysteria. The “victim cannot escape the impact of their broken world.

Our safe inner sanctum prevents us from getting consumed and engulfed by harmful illusions of reality while we figure out how to climb out of the muck.  Illusions that the violator of our inner sanctum can, overnight become the protector of it. When in doubt, save yourself first and find a safe haven, give yourself a chance to live another day.

Violence disrupts the inner sanctum.

Say No to domestic violence

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