Morning Ritual


Before I begin my day, I do a morning practice every day to stay in bed when I wake up and establish my intentions for the day. I have been practicing asking God how He wants to use everything He has put into me to accomplish His purpose in the time I have for this day. So I trust his guidance throughout the day. It is important to listen, it is an act of love, your frequency to hear is heightened. You are in a position to direct yourself towards the instructions given.

I showed up in spaces where I didn’t need to say much just my presence and silence at that moment was enough. This practice has given me the fulfilment and awareness that I live on purpose.

To die empty for me is an everyday reminder that today might be the last day, That is why I am open and surrender myself to all that is inside me to be used for the greater good today.

There is no tomorrow, but only today. The experience of tomorrow is not certain.

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