Micro-managing people’s spirituality



We focus so much on rules and regulations that some of us cannot function without necessary structures and guidelines in place. These fixed parameters governing our working life help us to have control and protect our interests. They ensure that our main goals and objectives are not changed or steered off course. However, there is a danger that our ways of thinking and doing things can become too rigid over time.

The hard task is learning how to take off the mask we wear in our secular sphere and let go of the need to be in total control when it comes to matters related to leading people on a spiritual path. How do we deal with our mentality of “everything has to be done by the books” and “it is my way or no way”? Spiritual principles steer our spiritual compass towards God, however, how we each get to our destination is different. The tendency to assume the position of superiority over the wisdom of God is an attempt to defile the truth.

Pride coupled with paranoia can easily creep in and those with good intentions can be easily misunderstood. It is important to maintain a balanced view and understand the heart in which something is done so that we are not reacting out of our emotion or fear. Rather, we should weigh out each scenario case by case, leaning on the guidance of the Holy Spirit. His leading will expose the intentions of the heart. Some come to obstruct, some come to distract, and some come to divide, whilst some come in peace and a genuine heart to serve.

Our Spiritual liberty is the essence of our being. God’s presence in our lives enables us to live a life without limitations. When you find yourself in an environment where the essence of who you are is met with controlling, manipulative, and negative opposition, then that is your cue to step outside of that toxic experience. If care is not taken, your soul can become weary.

Most people thrive in environments where they feel free to be whoever they are. You can only pretend to be someone else for so long. Putting on a show for the audience day in and day out can take a toll on you even if you are the best performer. Resist the enticement of deception and distance yourself from a deceptive lifestyle. Relationship with God is not the same as religiosity.

When you answer the call to lead and guide your audience through a spiritual path, you must realise that you are also on the same journey. Your job is not to micromanage people’s relationship with God. What you deem to be a limitation can be the same thing God has permitted an individual to have endured, needed to catapult them to the next level of experience. Lead with humility, teach with compassion, speak the truth, honour the human spirit and soul – ingrained within is the imprint of God’s message of love.

Be careful not to encourage those you lead to become dependent on you. Neither allow your ego to become dependent on their needy tendencies. If care is not taken, you can stunt your own growth, limit your expansion, and hinder their development.

Lay the right foundation; revisit the vision given to you so that you don’t end up engaged in activities and relationships that serve your self-centred agenda.

You can’t control how others interpret your influence and presence, but you can exercise caution and rebalance relationships when out of sync.

At the point of submission you channel the wisdom of God to humanity. No judgement, no control, but total surrender to be used for the greater Good. Your light shines through.

#Set the captives free.




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