Love thyself


The writer poses two questions, each meant to articulate a paradox. The first question is intended to challenge some of us who believe that piety and goodness demand an attitude of absolute altruism pursued at the expense of our own well-being. Well, if you are not concerned about your own needs and well-being, why should you expect others to be?

This level of self-sacrifice is opposite to the biblical verse that explicitly commands “love your neighbor as yourself” , implicitly commanding us to love ourselves as well.

The change you want to realize and experience starts with you. You cannot impart what you do not have the capacity to give.  The inside cannot be rotten to its core, and expect that the simple act of covering it up with a beautiful fabric will lessen the condition. The work must start from inside.

Finally,  Change is now , “If not now, when?” This applies to all aspects of life.

What is that something you know is in your heart that you have been postponing but should do now?

Whatever the issue, think about it now, even if for only a minute. Think about it tomorrow, again for just half a minute. Even if you don’t make the change now, at least you will know what changes you need to make when you are ready.

The timing maybe right but are you ready?


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