Trying to become something that you already are can be tiring and frustrating. The countless opportunities missed each day, each hour, each moment from trying to convince people to believe in you and recognise your worth can potentially jeopardise the important lessons God wants to teach you and those around you. You can become distracted by your own internal battle, your quest to bring solution to issues and problems of other people that you lose the essence of just being still. The light will shine no matter where it is placed. Not allowing God to do his thing can deflect the light. We strive to mirror the light but a mirror will never reflect exactly the same amount of light cast upon it. The light of God in you speaks for itself; it doesn’t require you to speak for him. The constant distraction of your own inner voice can lessen the voice of God. I learnt something many years ago and that is to do your own inner work first. It is required if you want to grow spiritually.

Sometimes we are afraid of someone else’s light because deep inside, there is that inner battle of not wanting someone else’s light to outshine ours. Some even go to the extreme of consulting the occult to disrupt and distract others from shinning. This fear is an illusion that perpetuates hatred, malice, greed, disunity, murder and spiritual wickedness.  The truth is that each and every one created is a channel of God’s light and glory, one is not better than the other.  However, our purpose on earth is different according to our assignment.  So when an individual’s assignment is to become a leader of a nation to fulfil a specific purpose, another person’s purpose could be a skilful carpenter.  Each person is seen as equal before God but judged differently based on their works and deeds.

We are all here to shine. Find your path and allow your gift and talent to bless the world. It is only when you lack confidence in who you are that you will divert your energy to trying to play God.


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