In all affairs and business of a family, we must depend upon his blessing.  We all want to be blessed by God, but unless we look to God’s providence, our efforts are ‘in vain’ meaning that the thing is empty or fruitless.  We need God to crown our effort with success.

Fruitfulness is a sign that something is following the natural order of existence in alignment with God’s design.  Anything outside of that is fruitless. In the quest of trying to play God, man persistently interferes with God’s design and the consequence is catastrophic.

Sometimes it’s not so much how much you invest in something or someone that will determine whether your investment yields a profit or not. In my experience and in my understanding of the spiritual principle of sowing and reaping, the ground in which you have sown or sowing will need to be open to receive the seed, the external and internal conditions must be right to cultivate the seed. Then there is the labour of love from the hand that sowed the seed. The rest is a waiting game. The important factor in attaining success is allowing God to lay your spiritual foundation and seeking guidance from him so that he can show you the blue print to your journey.

Time and effort (Labour) are scarce resources in this world – this is how we earn our wages and hopefully escape poverty – and no one can afford to waste their time and labour like this.  Building involves following a set plan, which is completed in stages.  First the foundation stage, a sturdy level surface on which everything else will stand, then the frames of the wall, when this is complete, the roof is constructed.  When the roof is intact, the builder can begin the interior work – the surface of the walls, the windows and doors, the floor titles or carpet, painting, etc.  The size of the foundation determines the placement of the walls and length of the roof.  The location of the door determines the placement of windows and furniture.  Each decision and stage affects the progression and outcome of the building.

 Whether it an artificial house, such as a temple, spiritual house, or the royal palace, or rather, a natural or civil house, a family or kingdom, those embarking will never succeed well in their attempts, nor will they bring it to perfection, or have any comfort in it unless God is in full control of the building, right from the architecture plan, to recruiting the labourers, to sourcing the building materials.  Every intricate detail must reflect the plan.  The success of all our undertakings depends so entirely upon God’s blessing; it is in vain to attempt anything without it.

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