Happiness is derived inwardly when we share love with the world and the imperfect people around us thereby fulfilling our service to a perfect God. Keji Moses

What have you lost?

I have looked and observed through my journey the similarity in the responses from various women when asked about true happiness. We all have so much in common.

It seemed that in their quest for happiness, the majority of women began a relentless search for it when they couldn’t get what they wanted at their own set time. Many times, when things didn’t comply with their stipulated rules and regulations, they concluded they had been deprived of happiness.

Some women based their happiness on their relationships. As soon as they were faced with challenging circumstances that is beyond their control they concluded that their happiness was destroyed. Then they packed their bags to go search for happiness somewhere else. They failed to see the hidden blessings that might unfold with a little patience.

They recite the saying “This is not the life I imagined and want, how can I be happy?”

When we set standards that are contrary to our purpose of existence, we have successfully eliminated happiness in our journey. But when we do what we know best in love, happiness comes as a package. I agree that life is not a bed of roses, but much of the energy we spend looking for something that is not lost has turned some of us into unbearable and discontented people. Looking for happiness when it is not lost has made us miserable, dysfunctional, and frustrated.

True happiness lies in going steadily inward. What we unknowingly seek is its expression in our daily life. Happiness is about what is shared with others. It is about giving and receiving with a pure heart and mind.

Happiness is ever present deep within your soul, however you may not sense its presence if you have allowed your vision to be blurred. When you willingly share your love with others, you have known happiness and are ready to welcome more into your life. Experiencing happiness keeps you healthy, radiant, and fulfilled.

Looking six years back in my personal journal, I observed that during a three-year period, some of my entries were in-depth analyses of my feelings and those feelings affected my emotional response. I found that my emotional response in particular situations influenced my perception of happiness. Whenever I was able to control my emotions, I recorded a higher degree of happiness than when being ruled by my emotions.

We get a certain period of time to process our emotions, especially when we are faced with sensitive issues. We are not bound to respond immediately, but few people make use of such time, which, spent wisely, can have great impact on the outcome on the happiness that ensues.

I also recalled a particular period where I felt emotionally low because I was struggling with a romantic relationship. I had a good job, owned property, was financially stable, and had good friends and family. But not knowing any better at the time, I assumed my happiness was tied to feelings derived from the ecstasy of being on cloud nine in a relationship. I felt that true happiness was a mathematical equation or based on pure logic, that everything in my entire existence had added up to the right figure. I realised this way of evaluating my existence ended up with me feeling unhappy and down all the time.

Happiness comes from within and should reflect from an attitude of gratitude each day irrespective of what is going on in other parts of your life. When you truly grasp this, your mind-set will change, and your perception and the purpose of your existence will become a lot clearer.

Today, eat happy, sleep happy, walk happy, feel happy.

Live in the sweet aroma of true happiness.



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