I honour everyone who has shown up for me


When someone takes the time or have the courage to show up in my space personally or professionally I honour them. As far as I know, God showed up. God is in them and shows that I am on the right path even if only this person showed up.

I remember attending a church for over five years and the congregation as a whole during the year would not be up to twenty people even less. In a service, we would have about five to six people present and that included me, my son and the pastor. I led the worship, organized the administration, I welcomed the guests and teach sometimes. When the pastor travelled outside the country, the number of members was even lower and there were times when it was just me and my 3 year old son. He sat in the audience, I led the worship, led the prayer session and then gave an inspired word for 30 minutes. I have always prepared a message in spite of everything. Some may ask why I bothered to do that. First, I didn’t do it for influence, I honestly wanted to serve and God deserved the best, whether there were two people or one. I also learned to honour people when they showed up,  we’re all representative of him. If you honour him and dishonour another person because you feel they don’t meet your standard or they are not helping you to achieve your personal goal or agenda then consider this.. What if God did show up? Yes, Our creator shows up everyday inside everyone you meet.

Human dignity matters so much. The value of humanity or honouring it requires everyone to be treated with respect and valued. If all of humanity were created, in the image of God, it is imperative that everyone is treated as such.

We learn that the one who is honoured is the one who treats other people and God with honour. So, too, it is imperative that all people, regardless of race or creed, are accepted and respected.

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