How much value do you bring to the table?


There is a reason we don’t bring every stranger into our inner circle without passing the “value to the table test.” Value is the gateway to the inner circle, and it all comes down to whether this person delivers positive value.

Beneath the surface of every meeting, relationship, get together and friendship, there is constant exchange. The transaction is not always mutually equal. Some connections can be draining, depleting our energy, whilst some energize us.

Does your contribution increase the group’s asset, or are people left in a state of deficit?

Are you really a good friend?

Do you bring something to the atmosphere?

People seldom ask themselves this question, “What value do I bring to the table? Intentionally asking yourself questions is a deliberate act of caring for your own personal well-being and a sign of emotional maturity. You don’t want to waste your time and the time of others.  Adding value should be a conscious decision.

The exchange needs to be mutual and consistent, so each party can consciously commit to adhering to the terms and condition of the connectedness.

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