“Life is a mind game”― Eleanor Enns


“I wholeheartedly bring Clarity, honesty, wisdom, compassion and respect to everything I do”

Hi, I am Keji. I am a self-discovery coach,  counsellor, passionate author,  and inspiring writer. I design and develop Self Discovery workbooks to facilitate personal growth. I have the superpower to design and develop learning materials.

I am an idealist who understands how my personal story and life experiences make me an intuitive counsellor with special expertise in grief counselling due to pregnancy loss. 

I started Every Step Counts – Self-Mastery because I believe that our thoughts are the only thing we have power over.

You can take control of them and use them to build yourself up, connect with other people, and achieve success in life, or you can ignore them and continue to struggle with low self-confidence, poor productivity, and unnecessary suffering.

Every Step Counts – Self- Mastery will support you to become more authentic and present by providing tools and resources that aim to increase self-awareness and self-understanding.

  If you’re on the journey of self-discovery, you have come to the right place!