Happy World’s Teachers’ day.


I can recall my favourite teacher Mr McRae, he was a Scottish man and my English Teacher. Whatever I did was never enough, he drove me to the edge at times. His reasoning was, why should I function at the stratum of a C student if I am actually an A Student. He taught me not to settle for mediocrity, my talents are not meant to be hidden, they are intended to be multiplied. I am always grateful to have him as my teacher. I will always remember his dedication and commitment.

Today I celebrate my friend of over 33 years. Shillah is an exceptional educator and taught Business Studies and Economics for over 21years, secondary school for 18years, in both the UK and presently in the UAE. She’s always known this was her vocation and has dedicated her time to nurture her students and ensured that each individual embraced their uniqueness. She has worked tirelessly to draw out the best in each student so that they can emerge as a shinning light. She is doing God’s work.

I dedicate today to her and all the wonderful and dedicated educators in the world.

Thank you, Thank you

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