Staying on the surface spiritually, unwilling to dig deep, and satisfied with the routine of making do is very familiar and the default position for individuals who prefer the ease and comfort of life. Complacency spiritually is sufficient for some people but it not God’s desire for us. God calls us to draw closer to Him by seeking out a deeper experience than just staying on the surface.

At some point in my journey I was complacent in certain areas of my life. I became spiritually dissatisfied and this weighed heavily on my heart. During this season I found that I focused much more on the outward experience and invested more on the external sphere while neglecting the inner calling from my soul to dig deeper. Complacency is a real hindrance to growth because it robs us of spiritual depth, potential and our purpose.

How can we grow deeper without intimacy? We can’t. Intimacy is the rope we need to draw us closer and closer to God. Intimacy is our willingness to be naked without being afraid of other people seeing our vulnerability, our pain, our scars, our imperfections. It is when we lay bare our soul in exchange for a deeper relationship and open ourselves up so that our thirst can be satisfied. Intimacy is the direct link to our mind, body and soul. Every time we breathe in and then breathe out, when we pay close attention to each breath, we move closer to the divine. We realise that without God’s life breath in us, we cannot exist. We are revived, rejuvenated by his presence, his touch, his voice, not just in the confinement of a building but equally in our spiritual temple of our body and nature. When I look out the window, I see the sun gleaming in my direction, the trees blossoming with their roots digging deeper and connecting to the source, I hear the chirping of the birds, and in all of this splendour, I see how close God’s presence is, how intimate he is with nature and how his presence can beautify our existence.

Growing is good, but we all know that growth of any kind evolves in stages. Growth can be liberating but yet very painful at times. During the process of spiritual and emotional growth we are pushed beyond the limits we have set for ourselves, often pushed out of our comfort zone.

How easy would life be if we didn’t have to worry about our challenges? Our trials and tribulations can do two things, draw us closer or build a wedge to intimacy. There is wisdom in the storms of life. The whirlwind might toss you up, down, side to side but keep your focus and pay attention to the lessons you need to learn, lessons that give you the tools to get closer to God. No matter how turbulent the storm might be, even at the highest pinnacle and intensity, it will eventually calm down. So the next time you find yourself going through life’s challenges, ask the right questions, instead of WHY ME? Ask WHAT IS MY LESSON? Asking the right questions shifts your focus from the fear of the unknown to trust of the unknown. You might not be in total control but you can trust that God will guide you through and the lessons you learn will help you along your journey, make you stronger and help you to realise that you have the inner resilience that can only be strengthened when put to test.

DIG a little deeper, you might be surprised by what you might find.

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