God is a creative genius


I have always been a go-getter. I believe you can achieve anything, as long as you put your mind to it and are willing to work hard. Most times I felt powerful, so powerful that I was the epitome of God’s beauty. The perfection of his creation, and nothing and no one would stop me from fulfilling my purpose. Gradually, I noticed that my focus was shifting from God to myself. I got caught up in the wave of self-loathing teachings that encouraged me to look within myself for greatness and strength. God was totally out of the picture. Without careful examination, these teachings seemed to make a lot of sense. I am created in the image of God, and so it makes sense to celebrate my greatness – but unconsciously I shifted my focus from God to me. The state of feeling powerful was now something within my own control.

God has a way of allowing us to go through some situations to help us learn those important lessons we need to get to know him in a deeper way. I had such an experience when I had a medical condition called menorrhagia. I went to work one day and thought I was experiencing my normal monthly menstruation – but at the end of my working day I had to take a cab home. I was passing big clots of blood. I ended up in hospital and underwent different tests to establish what caused this condition. I was off work for a total of 3 months. I couldn’t go to work, or go out. I was afraid that blood might just gush out of me – and most times, it did. When it finally stopped and I was again able to do basic things like walking, each step I took was a blessing, a reminder of God’s divine intervention. I began to see blessings in the little things, and even the things I considered little were big for someone else. In this experience, I saw my own mortality. My inner power – the one without a connection to a greater power – diminished.  I was brought to my knees, to a place of humility and reverence to God. If we look around us, we are surrounded by God’s blessings from the moment we are given the opportunity to take that extra breath and wake up, to the moment we lay down and pray for another day.

My outlook changed. My focus shifted from thinking that blessings only come in big packages wrapped with the biggest bow and the brightest wrapping paper. Blessings also come in small black boxes without elaborate wrapping paper that can contain the most expensive diamond in the world.

Everything you see is a representation of God – from the trees to a beautiful peacock in all its splendour. Nature displays and declares the majestic nature of the creator. Man’s foolishness has established systems, acts in rebellion against the original order, and commits atrocities in an attempt to redefine God. Now the powerful want to contest the superiority of God by declaring themselves to be gods walking the earth. We want the power, but reject the sacrifice. We experience 10% of the power and conclude that we have 100% control. The next time there is a tsunami or a tornado, I will like to see how many of those in the power can stand in its way. We all know what will happen. R.I.P.!

Real power comes when you submerge yourself in a powerful God, a creative force in which all things evolve. With power comes responsibility and accountability. The leaders we elect to represent us must be carefully chosen. A choice made from a place of emotionalism instead of a place of trust and truth will eventually produce a representation unworthy of the elected office.

God was not elected, he embodies all. To connect with his divinity is a choice, a choice that is sometimes not so easy to make.

Surrendering to the ultimate power is not an act of weakness, but recognition that without the power of God’s creative design, all that we are, all that we see, all that we don’t see, all that we touch, all that we smell and who we are is made possible by him.


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