Spiritual Freedom



There is liberty in serving God, and any form of spiritual manipulation may work for a period of time, but it cannot sustain the human soul.
I started on a spiritual journey recently. This path led me to a space of reflection. I reflected on my own spiritual foundation, and the different pockets of beliefs, teachings that influenced my views and mind-set. As much as we desire freedom, there is a tendency to gravitate towards what feels familiar. Familiarity also need followers to sustain control.  There is a defining line between truth and falsehood but some of us prefer to live in falsehood, and any glimpse of an alternative to the lies we feasted on is seen as a threat; we would rather defend that instead of asking for clarification. The practice of seeking spiritual guidance is not an easy one, it takes time, trust and consistency to switch into this mode when situations arise. I found myself in a situation recently when I didn’t ask for clarification. Instead, I engaged my ego in the process and rejected what God provided as a blessing.

The worst kind of enslavement is spiritual enslavement, because it affects your thought patterns, your behaviour and, ultimately, your choices. Breaking free from years of doctrinal abuse and manipulation is not a small battle. It can take years to detox from all the toxic relationships, verbal garbage, and misinterpretation that are all outcomes of the cracks in our spiritual foundation. Particularly pernicious are teachings introduced by man aimed at controlling how we relate to God. A spiritual foundation is so important, and without a cohesive understanding of God’s truth we have the blind leading the blind. The end result will find each one of us in a ditch of eternal agony. You have to intentionally review your belief system. How do you view your relationship with God in comparison to how you have been indoctrinated to view the same relationship? These are some of the steps that I took to get myself back, and are centred on my personal spiritual journey:

  • Get the information straight from the source. No one can tell you who God is except God himself.


  • Acknowledge that you don’t always have the answers. It is comforting to say, “I don’t know.”


  • Seek further clarification; ask the Holy Spirit the right questions, search for the truth and the truth that you find and walk in will set you free.


  • Pull up your boots and get ready to do the work. Every house built requires resources, materials and manpower to build it. Be ready to do the internal work to move towards a God- centred existence.


  • Always live in a space of gratitude. Even when things don’t make any sense, trust that all things will work out for your good.
    The strategy is to remain focused on God. He has the blueprint, because he is the master planner.  He will enlighten and guide you through. Trying to understand God without the right spiritual foundation is like being a size 26 trying to fit into a size 16; it’s an impossible task.

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