How flexible are you?

I am not referring to your dance moves; rather, I am referring to how adaptable and pliable you are. Can you allow your life experiences to mould and shape you into the person you need to be, or are you so rigid that you resist growth at all costs?

That same old, same old approach and attitude will not produce anything different than what it had produced before. Everything that was ever created started with a thought, and for that thought to become a reality it had to go through a birthing process. Through childbirth, women are very familiar with this process. From the time of conception through the nine months of nurturing the pregnancy, the carrier is advised by professionals about the type of care needed to ensure a safe delivery.

Just as each pregnancy is different, the process and transition we all go through cannot be compared to another’s. No one’s story is the same, even when the conditions appear to be the same or the life events appear similar. The outcome depends on how flexible and adaptable the individuals are during the growth process. Every situation is an opportunity that God uses to shape us into the individuals we need to be. We are the clay, and he is the potter. When we become rigid in our ways and defiant in our attitude towards spiritual growth, we miss the important lessons and instructions we need to move to the next level.

God can use his creative force to design our journey in such a way that we must totally trust and depend on him to sustain us through it all. GOD IS A CREATIVE GENIUS.

The severity of your wounds on the battlefield of life distinguishes you from others. Your willingness to learn and grow shows that you are brave, even in the face of adversity. Your bravery is the price you pay to get to the next level. Your scars tell the story of your healing, a story of restoration and transformation. At the point of victory, we are quick to show our medal of honour and hide our wounds. There is no honour without battle. Your wounds in the battlefield are as important as the medal of honour.

Speak the truth about the challenges in your journey and allow others to learn from your story. When you understand that all lives are intertwined, you understand that hearing “Man down!” is a call for us all to rise and help a brother or sister.

My story speaks to your story.

My honour reveals my struggle and my lessons might give you hope.





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