To be made whole, your mind, body and soul must synchronise in perfect harmony with your faith. Keji Moses

True faith must be closely interwoven with our will or our choices. Our faith is strengthened when we choose to believe in the faithfulness and perfect love of God. Faith is not manufactured, neither is it a personality trait. Faith to me is simply being fully convinced that God is able to do all that he has promised.

Faith is not a guarantee for material wealth, success, or a life free of pain and trials; rather faith gives us the peace and comfort that the deepest desires in our heart will be realised, that those goals you set will materialise. The key is that we must play our part in the whole process.

Faith without action is dead; likewise, if you want peace in your life, you must first be a peace maker and then must follow some practical steps to get to that state of being. If you want love and to be loved, you must show love and work towards releasing yourself from un-forgiveness, hatred, and all toxic emotions that may hinder you from receiving love.

The more you grow in faith, the more you mature spiritually.  The strength of your faith and a closer relationship with God strengthens your believe system and alert your conscious and subconscious mind to see and experience the presence of God all around you and not just in the confinement of a religious building. Start to believe in sovereignty of God and your innate ability to be creative just like the creator. Believe in the many blessings and abundance available to you, friends and your family.

Never deny the world from experiencing the real you. If you hide and deny who you are, then you become fake and the world will not take your existence seriously.  Your values, morals, and belief system play a major part in forming who you are. That is why it is essential for you to be upfront and real from the get go and that includes you being honest in all your relationships and actions.

I have solid faith in God because of the fact that he is who he says he is. He is unchanging. In my relationship with God, I have experienced his faithfulness. His character oozes with integrity. He means what he says and does what he says he will do. Without this important fact, it would have been difficult to put my trust and faith in him.

Faith is about your personal relationship, trust and receptiveness to the promises and goodness of God. Our Faith is tried and tested in each circumstance and you may not get the same outcome each time but you will definitely get an outcome. Faith encourages us to aim higher the next time and raise our expectations. In my early stages of being a Christian, I used to pray for what I consider now as silly things. I had a certain level of expectation but my expectation now is different. I have faith that anything is possible and aligning my desire to his will for my life is key. Faith is the foundation, and the timing combined with action bring forth desired results. If one or more of these steps are missing, the results may not reflect your expectations, which may lead to despair and discouragement.

Keep believing and forging on to greater and better things.

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