Entrepreneurship and Self-Love


Okeyinfu is a purpose driven educator and parenting coach, a published author and a sought-after speaker.

Okeyinfu Ajayi is an experienced and hugely certified Evidence Based Educational Entrepreneur and Start-up Business consultant. She likes to call herself a Learning Strategist and a Teacher who is passionate about capacity development. She is a multipotentialite, who is excited about the ability to give value in diverse ways.

She founded Busy Minds Center in 2013 and has grown the organization to enviable heights in the education landscape in Nigeria

In 2017 she founded Kavabe Facilitators Hub, a Technology and Business Process Optimisation firm with the goal of providing Byte Size Tech + Sustainable Business Solutions to MSMEs in Nigeria; Especially Female Owned Businesses.

Mrs Kaykay, as she is fondly called is an entrepreneur with an infectious passion for helping businesses build systems that make for professional excellence.

By leveraging over 20 years of training and work experience, she creates relevant connections for educators, showing teams a clear path to High Performance.

She also facilitates a host of school leadership and teacher training programs, aimed at raising the quality of education in Nigeria and Africa, by empowering one teacher at a time.

She is a keynote speaker with a varied and diverse skill set, spanning a plethora of industries and roles. She is also a performance and positive work culture enthusiast.



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