Every single aspect and each stage of giving birth is crucial, the life coming through require the proper support. So, midwives play an important role.

The process involved in childbirth mirrors what is required spiritually when birthing a new Nation. We have spiritual midwives, like one who stays with a woman through a natural birth, sees what the birthgiver can’t see, knows the signs of transition, witnesses the crowning of newness.

When people seek for spiritual counsel, It will take more spiritual midwives — men or women who can facilitate the spiritual birthing process. We need them now, whoever they might be.
We need midwives present at this time of vulnerability, working in areas that are deep and intimate, helping a birthing nation to greater self. Spiritual Midwives recognizes the time to confront, the time to encourage and knows how to do both.

The time is now, if you‘ve retired, it’s time to come back and resume duty. We are birthing greatness.

Here are a few steps that can help guide you along the way to birthing a New Nation.

1. Understand Timing.

Write your short, medium and long term strategy down and follow it through.

2. Wise Counsel

Seek advise from experts, elders, specialists, coaches and qualified leaders who can guide you through the process

3 . Seek God’s Blueprint

Revisit the blueprint for the vision. This blueprint helps to have the right information to refer to and an easy system to follow. This blueprint will enable the collective to clearly and easily delegate information to all stakeholders and free you up to other tasks.

4. Collaboration

The movement should consist of different grassroots organisations collaborating together to  birth the new Nation. A unified voice is crucial at the birthing stage.



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