We are spiritual beings passing through this physical world.  Through our journey, there will be some experiences and trials that will challenge our faith and make us feel like giving up.  Emotional Exhale is very important in maintaining a balanced emotional health. We regularly take things in, the troubles of life, the pain, hurt, death, loss, rejection, low self-esteem but we never take the time to expel out or breathe out those negative energies and emotions we have sucked in.  If those emotions are not expelled, there are tendencies to feel overwhelmed and this sense of frustration can lead to stress, anxiety and deep depression.  In the midst of life’s ups and down, embracing the wisdom wrapped in our experiences can be difficult, and accepting that each experience is orchestrated for our growth and self-discovery can seem farfetched.
Life sometimes appears difficult because we depend solely on ourselves.  When you give yourself permission to shine, you honour God.
After my conversation with a friend this evening, I was reminded again that even in the small things, God is great.  Even in the small things, the handprint of God is present.  We don’t realise how powerful we are until we go through and pass through a difficult period in our journey.  We are indeed unique and powerful beings who can attain and transform into anything we desire.
When you give others the ultimate power over your life and allow yourself to see life through their own interpretation, you deny yourself the opportunity to evolve and to bask in the awesomeness of your creator.
We are constantly bombarded with direct and subliminal messages through various media outlets, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, fashion magazines, TV, etc., with the intention to redefine who we are and who we should desire to be.  It is only in our stillness that our vision can have clarity and certainties about who we were created to be. It is only in that stillness that we can embrace all that we are and who we are.  When we fail to take time out, we fall into the trap of accepting the entire dump thrown at us and eventually the feeling of emptiness and disappointments sets in.  The external world cannot define who we are, that is something that is already defined and ingrained into the fabric of our soul.  The time spent searching outside our spiritual existence can lead to emotional and spiritual exhaustion.
The treasure God has given to us has more value than the scrap we are constantly searching for in the scrap yard. Until you fail at something you will never recognise success even when you are faced with it.
Take time out for yourself, you deserve it. Do a life inventory and reassess your priorities in order of importance.  You should be number one on that list because without you functioning effectively, you cannot be effective in all other areas of your existence.
So I encourage you to pray, exhale, be still, live in the moment, enjoy the moment, and experience the moment.

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