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Real and authentic conversation. Thank you @obafeyikemi_luther for being present both mind, body and spirit.

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Introducing my guest

Obafeyikemi Luther is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, an experienced Vulnerability and Sensual coach, Speaker, social activist, influencer, model, designer and intuitive chef with a difference, who is vulnerable, open caring and Real.

She creates experiences for women to change their lives and heal their soul and spirit so that they can feel loved, confident and motivated to live a life that is connected to their purpose.
She teaches them the tools to use to step into their authenticity and to begin to live their lives abundantly.

She believes in questioning and finding the truth that lies within. Challenging the status quo and living and standing in your truth

Mother of three uniquely manifested children, 2 strong young men 11 and 7
1 beautiful special daughter who has taught her loving the world through the eyes of a special needs child.

Obafeyikemi started her career as an Event designer and manager and after a while felt her soul calling was in a hugely different space. She traded in the corporate world for her true
purpose –highlighting social issues affecting women that often go undiscussed, creating a safe space for honest discussion and change and has never look back!

Whether she is cooking, hosting, connecting or designing, her messages are always true, always from the heart and always from real life experiences. Obafeyikemi, a mother of three lives between Lagos, Nigeria and London, England

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