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From the moment of birth (and often before) we are consciously enrolled into the school of life. A “programmed” system is set up to induct us into thinking in a particular way, and our mind is programmed to accept that control over independent and creative thinking is somewhat normal.

Some of us who are fortunate enough to be spiritually conscious find ways to navigate through and filter out those mind-cluttering thoughts, particularly those subliminal messages deceitfully planted using various mediums to influence the masses into conformity. For some who go through life caught up in this web of control, oblivious to what is actually going on, there is imminent danger of mind enslavement. All aspects of our world – where we are bombarded with information overload, told what to believe, how to do things, who we are supposed to be – are cleverly orchestrated so that we lose focus on the real purpose of our existence and our eternal journey of getting to know God. The fine details of our earthly mission gets lost in the whole mix. When the mind is enslaved, it affects our choices and ultimately creates bumps along the way that affect our destiny. In addition to this dilemma, life will come up with all manner of other challenges and difficulties. Because we are so conditioned to think in a particular way, our responses to life challenges can reflect the conditions in our mind. 

A fundamental part of breaking free is connected to our spiritual growth process, our submission to God and our desire to knowing the divine truth. This process involves maturity, growing from being fed whatever is out there to a stage in which we consciously choose what our mind/spirit is exposed to. We become intentional about consciously living each day, fully aligned to the truth of whom God is and that is the only thing that matters.

Spiritual Growth is inevitable, knowing God is our eternal mission. It is essential if we want to fulfil our destiny. Our attitude to spiritual growth is closely linked to our mind-set. What we think significantly affects our attitude whenever challenges arise. Growing will challenge and strengthen our capacity to the max. When we are stretched beyond belief, we are tested through adversity, trials and tribulations. Circumstances become our everyday teacher, and we must take our life class in whatever direction we are pulled to grow. If we resist the growth process and become complacent because we feel that all we need to learn is within our reach, the thought of going deeper is somewhat alien, and we become stuck. Our growth process teaches us great lessons – and more profoundly, it teaches us how to be spiritually aligned to God’s truth. If we consciously live our life aligned with his truth, we are bound to grow spiritually, we live fearlessly, our mind will no longer be enslaved and bound by the shackles of control from a system that constantly wants to keep our mind in spiritual prisons, committing us to a life sentence without parole.  

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