The people you may need in your life yesterday may not be the same people you need today. Listen to your inner voice; they always warn you against the wrong association.  We all have a need to be validated and understood but don’t confuse this with seeking approval or authorisation from another.  People only have access to certain areas of your life if you give them that access, so don’t be offended if others feel they can intrude and push their opinions on you.  You owe no one an explanation so quit trying to get approval.

Although most Machiavellian inspired books preach on how to use enemies to achieve what might be difficult achieving with friends, but in the factual sense, it isn’t quite so easy.  In my quest to achieve  success I’ve grown to understand that successful people surrounds themselves with like-minded people who ultimately are friends because investing in enemies to earn their trust is quite a risky and unfavourable thing to do.  If there is one thing everyone must come to realise and understand it is that loyalty is earned and not bought.  If you have bought loyalty before, when you look critically at the transaction, not only will you discover that you have actually not bought that loyalty entirely but you have also gambled with your integrity.

Identify within your circle of friends who is for you and who will sabotage your success. Loyalty is earned; don’t spend your time investing in anything or anyone if you observe that your efforts/investments will be fruitless.  People should earn your loyalty and you should not give it away just to anyone. Always re-evaluate your associates and friendships on a regular basis because if the top is really where you want to be, you must be sure who is for you and who is against you. Situations will test their loyalty not in such a way to make them fail but in a most simple way that gives you a reassurance.

Be self-sufficient and rely on your instinct. You don’t have to rely so much on others to always guide you on your path. Don’t get me wrong. Listen to advice, wise counsel but don’t rely totally on such intervention before you can make important decisions.  It is important that you stay connected to God, so that you can hear directly from him.  Self-discipline is also an important element because without it, people get swayed away by the most irrelevant things.  The first step to self-discipline however is self-dignity.

Negative minded people who are actually not particular about your success will always see something wrong with everything you do and will seize every opportunity to discourage you and divert your focus from your purpose.   Make sure you create your personal space by carving out areas that are restricted and only those who mean you well can have access to it.

When the mind is guided and surrounded by the circle of good influence, positivism and optimism will become the natural drive force to achieving great success.


  1. ofc is not easy, but if it was everyone would be a millioner, the economy would collapse, a third world war would begin and again those with better leadership skills would survive.

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