Awake My Soul



Our openness to the inner workings of the Holy Spirit will expand us spiritually and increase our capacity to give more. – Keji


When the voice of man becomes more important than the voice of God, the repercussions are enormous. When God speaks to you daily, when you are in tune with your intuition, when you’re communicating with him daily and his presence captures your attention, then your daily choices will be in alignment with his perfect will.

We are constantly reminded by the creator that everything deposited in us is sufficient to fulfil our purpose, yet some of us still go off on a tangent in response to our feelings of inadequacy. Our inadequacy is transferred into negative behavioural patterns that affect our mind-set. Some of us deal with this emotional instability by constantly comparing ourselves to others. The gifts and abilities of others become more appealing to us, and deep inside we harbour a hidden desire to become something or someone we are not. We slowly chip away at our self-confidence, and dishonour and devalue our self-worth.  Our own talents and gifts begin to gather dust on the shelf, while we try to add value by walking in other people’s shoes.

When you measure the way God works with the worldly system, we confuse ourselves and lose clarity.  When you yield to the inner workings of the Holy Spirit, he will expand you spiritually and expand your capacity to do anything you set out to do.

Learning to understand your importance and the intricate nature of your soul is a revelation. It reveals that you are unique, that you deserve your place on this earthly platform. Your existence is a platform for you to evolve and showcase your gifts and talents for the greater good. God single-handedly wrote the chapters of your life. He carefully and thoughtfully put it all together to create your story, with nothing amiss. Some of us go through this journey as passive participants and never get to the point of desperation, that place of despair where nothing else matters, a place where we just cry out, “Awaken my soul!” That appeal to be awakened from your spiritual sleep is a call to function in your purpose. The plots at the cemetery are filled with people who died with regrets, unfulfilled dreams and purposes. When God calls out to your soul, hold on tight. Your foundation will be shaken; in some, the foundations will be pulled apart. Still, hold on, yield to God’s word and listen for instructions. To be uncovered, you may have to go through a period where all distractions are stripped away so the truth within you can be revealed.  When you feel tired and gasp for breath, cry out again” “Awaken my soul!” This experience might seem like a nightmare, but do not be afraid. Your heavenly father’s got your back. The closer you get to him, your purpose will draw you in and your vision will become clearer.  You can begin to draw wisdom from river that flows endlessly, and this wisdom will satisfy and nourish your soul. The journey is a journey of the soul. God breathes in you, and you become a living soul. You have to transition from a living soul into a soul that is awakened. To be awakened is a supernatural experience. The flesh will satisfy the flesh, but longing for that which is supernatural is a call from God to come closer to him.


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