The true measure of greatness is not how we are packaged on the outside; rather, our greatness is measured by our willingness to be used for the greater good, allowing God’s divine light to channel through us. In this state of being, our soul illuminates.– Keji

I have learned that to nurture any relationship, you have to get the basics right. The fundamental values of respect, honour, patience, appreciation, forgiveness, kindness and genuine love must be an integral part of the foundation. If this is so, the house can withstand the complexities and challenges of life.

The expectations you have of others must be matched by the sacrifice/commitment you are willing to make so that things can work out.  We all have a desire to be loved and validated. Love is worth giving and worth receiving. Love is the currency the universe thrives on. Every relationship will experience challenges, and it is the willingness to submit to a divine plan beyond our own comprehension that gives us strength when we engage with challenging behaviour in relationships.

That sister who snaps often, or that brother who tends to argue just to prove a point might just be displaying an aspect of their story. A story that is not revealed by just looking at the surface – but when you dig deeper, you might find traces of hurt, pain, rejection or abuse. Kindness towards such individuals may require us to look at our own story and how merciful and gracious God has been to us.

People thrive when they feel connected and in relationship with individuals who see the good in them and are willing to support them to be the best version of who they’re created to be. A good teacher will ultimately have a positive impact on his/her students; likewise, a poor teacher will have the opposite effect. We’ve all taken on the role of a teacher at some point in our life, either consciously or unconsciously. We don’t necessarily have to be in the teaching profession to have similar impact. When you’re at the point of being spiritually awakened – consciously in tune with God’s divine plan – your senses are alerted to the truth that someone, somewhere, is learning, growing and being transformed by the presence of God. God does the transforming, you are just the channel he chooses to use.

Who you determine to become can only shine through your actions. The interior condition of each soul is expressed outwardly. Souls are the currency of the kingdom. Each soul is precious, in spite of how the outward appearance is packaged. The homeless person living on the streets is no less important than the millionaire living in million-pound house.

When you are fortunate enough to be positioned on a platform where you serve others in whatever capacity – whether it’s at work, in your projects or out in the community – remember to bring the people you serve to the forefront of your plans and interactions. We serve humanity so that the good deeds that we inject into one person will eventually touch another person, a community, a family, and eventually impact a generation.

Never take for granted the opportunity and the calling to serve one another. Aside from your relationship with God, which comes first, the quality of your relationships with others is as important as the air we breathe. I need you as much as you need me. This is not a religious affirmation to control our minds, but rather a call from God to awaken us to the possibilities and transformation that can occur through the act of service. You don’t have to be in the spotlight to do this; wherever you find yourself, whatever your hands find to do, do good – and continue to do good.

The presence of evil and its imprint in this world should not be used as a get-out-of-jail-free clause to not fulfil our duties to each other. Continue to be kind, and generous. Love more, listen more and pay the way forward.

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