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Just like an athletic event, preparation for each race is different.  A 100-metre race is run differently to the 1500 metres race. Clearly the training regime will be different in so many ways. For the process to achieve the desired outcome each participant will need to trust the process and stop second guessing the coach/coaches. Without full participation from those involved, and without collective effort, the athlete will probably lack confidence on the day. There are rules and instructions to adhere to, including the training regime, the dietary advice, the physio and any other aspects. There is an expectation that all these things will work together to help achieve optimal performance on the day of the race.

When we look for quick fixes, quick successes and quick returns, we can miss the important lessons wrapped in the process. The process is as important as the end result.  In fact, the process is more important than the end result. Before a king sits on a throne, there are specific processes/preparations that must be adhered to depending on the culture or tradition. A monarch is not just placed on the royal stool without going through the necessary steps. The processes secure not only the King’s present reign but also his future. If something important is missed, the consequences can be catastrophic. 

When we find ourselves at a place where we are trying to bypass the process, we will miss some important things needed to secure our tomorrow.  The plan God has for us is good, but if we continue to bypass his process then we prolong the desired results.

When our vision is blurred, there is a tendency to see the process as some form of punishment or judgement thrust upon us by internal or external forces in an attempt to make us feel pain. With this in mind most of us get stuck in the victim mentality phase and fail to see the process as the guide, guiding us through each season, giving us teachable moments to strengthen, building our spiritual muscles for the journey ahead.

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